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Letter from the Chairman
Dear Customers,

Making alloy with free ratio of Copper (Cu) and Iron (Fe) was impossible in the past due
to such problems as different specific gravity, solid temperature and eutectic point etc.,
however, with development of our special dissolution technology, we have succeeded in
production and commercialization of Copper+Ferro Alloy (CFA).

We at CFA Co., Ltd. are supplying CFA, the whole new material, in the form of Billet, Slab
and Rod to suit the manufacture of various products, and also devote ourselves to R&D of
CFA applied products and to creation of technological basis.

With the new dissolution technology of alloying Copper-Ferro Alloy with Stainless steel, we
also developed Copper-Stainless steel Alloy (CSA) which has high thermal conductivity and

Application fields of CFA (Copper-Ferro Alloy) and CSA (Copper-Stainless steel Alloy) are so
various that we are assured that the new materials will make a great contribution to such in-
dustries as electric/electronics, machinery, aviation and automobile, shipping/maritime, medical
device/health care, renewable energy, metal materials, building materials, water treatment etc.
that require shielding electromagnetic waves, high electric conductivity, excellent thermal con-
ductivity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high spring effect, high tensile strength, anti-
biosis and so on.

Through ceaseless research and development, we at CFA Co. Ltd. will make continuous efforts to
grow up to become a company leading new age of the industries.

Thank you for your interest and support.