Differences from Other Copper Alloys
Uses and Application Fields
CFA(Copper-Ferro Alloy) is an alloy of Copper (Cu) and Iron (Fe), and with its excellent
acharacteristics there have been much worldwide interest and research & development.
So far, however, it has been a hard field to succeed in making the alloy with material

Because of much differences between the two elements, Copper and Iron, in their metal
properties, eutectic points and specific gravities, making alloy of the two elements was
not possible.(Ollin Brass of USA has developed Copper Iron Alloy with less than 3% of
Iron, and many metal makers are mass producing the alloy for lead frame uses. But it is
limited to use it in various materials.)
But with the development of Special Dissolution Technology, we succeeded in Alloying Copper + Ferro, and
realized commercialization, we named the new material as CFA (Copper Ferro Alloy).

The new material, CFA, has such Copper properties as electric conductivity, thermal conductivity, malle-
ability, spring effect and such Iron properties as wear resistance, tensile strength, hardness and magnetic
CFA is also available with quite freely adjusted Alloy Ratio of Copper and Iron, made in the form of Billet,
Slab and Rod and produced various products that prove material machinability(powder, 10μm foil and Ф0.1
wire etc.) which are supplied with alloy ratio to suit the application of the customers.

For various equipments so far, in order to get special characteristics, Copper or Iron has been alloyed
and/or joined with various metals,or combined with resins, and realized some of the characteristics.
But CFA alone has the great advantage of being applied to various characteristics.

To heighten shielding effect of electromagnetic wave it needs high costs, where spring effect is required it
is easily worn down and where electric conductivity is required it has little strength and so on ; These con-
flicting problems can easily be solved with 「CFA」 alone.

Especially, CFA exercises its excellent functions in
(1) Shielding Effect of Electromagnetic Waves
(2) Spring Effect
(3) Electric Conductivity & Wear Resistance
(4) Antibiosis.

As above, CFA has excellent characteristics, not available so far with any other materials, can be fabricated
into such various forms as billet, wire, slab, foil, powder etc and can be used in various fields of industry
; So, CFA can be literally called the New Dream Material.