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Uses and Application Fields
Uses of CFA

CFA CFA Application Fields

Type of Business Uses
Metal Casting Moulds
Semiconductor Mfg. Semiconductor Device as Lead Frame & Inner Connectors, Diodes etc.
Electronic Parts Mfg. Electric Wire, Switches, Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Coat, Connectors, Thermal Diffusion System etc.
Communication (incl. Mobile) and Broadcasting Equipment Mfg. Shielding Materials, Shielding Materials or Booster for Telecommunications Base Stations
Medical Equipment Mfg. Electronic Medical Equipment, Shield Room, Disinfected Overgarment
Automobile Parts Mfg. Piston Head, Electronic Control Box, Electro- magnetic Wave Shielding Material, Brake Pads.
Home Appliances Mfg. Gas range, Oven, Microwave Oven, Rice Cooker, Frying Pan etc.
Industrial Robot Mfg. Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Material (Especially for Joint Parts)
Ship & Boat Building Welding of Vessel Screw Repair
Railroad Equipment Mfg. Pantograph etc.
Aircraft, Spaceship & Parts Mfg. For Shielding Effects
Motor, Generator & Electric Conversion System Mfg. Coil for Large, Small and Micro Motors and Generators
 Other Fields  
Association / Organization / University / Research Center etc.  R&D etc.

Uses of CFA with different Contents

CFA 95
Powder Stealth Material Aircraft, Submarine, Helicopter etc.
Radar-absorbent Material Paint  
Foil Coaxial Cable Shielding Material (Braided Wires)
Wire Harness Shielding Material
Mobile Phone Accessory Foil & Electromagnetic Shielding Adhesives
Mobile Phone Base Station Outer cover for Antenna part
Countermeasures for Motor Noise Shielding Material
Wire Shieling Wire Ø 0.1~0.2mm
For Small Motors Ø 0.1mm Silicon steel plate (densely windable)
Mesh-80 Shielding Material
Textile Weaving Robots, Dustproof Garment, Medical Clothing (Antibiosis)
Braided Wires for Automobiles When coiled around all connections: 40dB(Conventionally with copper wire: 20dB)
Sheet 0.1~0.2mm Phosphor Bronze (Electric conductivity 30%, Softening Point 250℃)
Nickel-Silver (Electric conductivity 25%)
Radiator for circuit board Coventionally, for back of the board copper was used, which has low durability. Replaced with CFA 95, the best quality can be maintained..
CFA 90
(Thickness 0.1~0.2)
Replacement for Low Beryllium Copper (0.2%~0.6% BeCu).
(Conventional thickness of 0.2mm becomes 0.1mm로, electric conductivity increased from conventional 20% to 60%.)
Replacement for conventional Lead Frame, Pin, Connector
Wire or Chip
Aluminium foil for automobiles Conventional Copper & Iron Laminate (Friction heat adhesion) easily peels off. 300X300mmX(t) a
Magnetic Materials 24 letters in the middle of 0.1mm sheet ∙ Wire 1 Read/Write (Same as Chip. Metallic VTR)
Engine, Metal Products, Records classification sensors for price tags etc.
CFA 70
Round Bar etc. Welding Iron Tip 3 times longer life than conventional products. Lowers soldering temperature.
Freely shapeable Molds Thermal conductivity & Wear resistance is more excellent than BeCu. (Moulds are made with Iron & Beryllium Copper.)
TIG Welding Wire Usable without preheating. Emergency treatment of vessels, Countermeasures against salt damages
Motors (for General Use) Replacement for conventional silicon steel plate. Less quantity can be used than before, and miniaturization enables increased power.
Motors (Large, 3 ph) Weight can become lighter.
Sheet Drum Motors Quick Start & Stop possible.
Sheet Metal Sheet for large Wings Can be used for Turbine blades of aircraft, Screw propellers of vessels.
CFA 60~70 Sheet Replacement for 42-Alloy CFA60~70: Electric conductivity over 40%
CFA 60 Sheet Replacement for High Beryllium Copper (Be 2%) CFA60: Electric conductivity 60%
Wire Wire for Electro-spark Machining Replacement for Copper Tungsten or Piano wire. (Cuts super hard metals In die & mold making.) Less than 50μm
CFA 20 Chip Induction Heater + Saucepan Conventionally many metals were combinedly used. Due to low thermal conductivity and over-current, CFA 20 is the best solution.
Magnetic Materials Best solution for paper money distinguishing sensor and preenting counterfeit money.
Antitheft Sensor (in middle of books, clothes tag etc.)
CFA X Sheet New Copper Stainless Steel Stainless steel with high thermal conductivity available. 30~40% copper to stainless.