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Products made of CFA – as of December 2015

Companies completed CFA sample tests - as of December 2015
Company Name CFA Content Type Uses
Fujikura 95 Round Bar Heat Pipe
MITSUBISHI 90 Foil Electromagnetic Shielding Electromagnetic Shielding
Canare Electric 90 Foil Electromagnetic Shielding Electromagnetic Shielding
Each Automobile Co. 90(10μ/20μ/30μ) Foil Electromagnetic Shielding Electromagnetic Shielding
Futaba Electronics 50 Sheet Moulds (Replacement for BeCu)
Toyota Motor 90/80/70/60 Sheet Electromagnetic Shielding, Air- conditioner Connectors, Drum Motor Development
Japan Energy Corp. 90 Sheet Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Connector (Replacement for BeCu)
Sumitomo-Yazaki 95(ф0.1mm/ф1mm) Wire Braided Wire Shieling
90(ф0.1mm/ф2.5mm) Wire
70(ф1mm/ф2.5mm) Wire Replacement for BeCu Wire
50/60(ф1mm) Wire
30(ф0.3mm) Wire
90/80/70/60/50 Sheet Replacement for BeCu
URAWA Ind. 90 Sheet Spring Material / Connectors
ONUMA Ind. 90 Sheet Spring Material / Connectors
ADN/A.NET 50 Sheet Spring Material / Connectors
50(ф8mm/ф0.7mm) Round Bar/Wire
Yazaki-Nissan etc. 60/90/95(ф0.1mm) Wire Motors / Braided Wire Shieling / Other Uses
DENKA (DENKA Electro-chemical Ind.) 90 Block/Foil Powder / Replacement for BeCu
80(5μ/10μ) Powder Magnetic electro-conductive Film
90(10μ/20μ/30μ) Foil Electromagnetic Wave Shielding
Nihon ALMIT 95(ф2mm) Round Bar -

Commercialized CFA Products - as of December 2015

CFA Soldering Iron Tip

● General Soldering Tips (Copper+Iron·Chrome·Tin Plating) – Soldering Tip desired temperature: 350℃(662℉) / 400℃(752℉)
     * New Tip * After 25,000 times * After 20,000 times

● Soldering Tip with Copper-Iron as major material (CFA+Iron·Chrome·Tin Plating) – Soldering Tip desired temperature: 50℃(662℉) / 400℃
     * Pencil Type, Knife Type, U-Type, Flat Type

● Type of Available Soldering Tips

CFA Applications

  ● Pantograph for High Speed Trains
   - Conventional material is sintered alloy of Copper and Iron, which is worn easily with the abrasive
     dust adhering on the train roof in large quantities, and with low electric conductivity the economic
     efficiency is also low.
     If made with CFA material, it will be less abrasive and have less dust. With high electric conductivity,
     the economic efficiency is also very high.

  ● Brake Pads for Automobiles
   - CFA has characteristics of not wearing down the opposite metals, and “A” Brake Co.
   - Japan made brake pads of CFA with Chrome material, which have passed the tests.

  ● Switches and Relays for Streetcars
   - Switch of streetcars is very big and silver is used for its contacts.
     And very big L-shaped Relay takes high current, producing sparks which causes problems of damaging
     switch contacts and relays.
     But with CFA 30 which contains Iron, sparks make not much damage and Iron content is not much